Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti vs Afghanistan - Are These Guys Nuts?

I think I just saw, on Evan Solomon's CBC "power and Politics" show a discussion from some of our punditocracy apparently feeling proud that Canada would have a leading role helping Haiti recover in the long run?
Recover? The place has never been remotely functional! What would they recover to?
Are these the same people perpetually questioning an attempt to help Afghanistan become functional? At least Afghanistan once was! Has Haiti ever been? Why should we waste our money on this place, other than to do exactly what we are doing now? A long-run role sounds ridiculous to me. Peter MacKay says 60 days and that sounds pretty sensible.
Yes, I know our Governor-General is one of those educated and intelligent Haitians who consistently get the hell out of her blighted country for some better place. She is not offering to go back, is she?


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