Monday, February 01, 2010

Canadian Diversity

It works in a variety of ways.  We have those little chimps who wanted to behead Harper and blow those of us so evil as to hang around King and Bay up.  Jail the suckers, and for a long time.  (Sorry - this is Canada - they will be out shortly, and there will be government programs subsidizing them somehow.)
On the other hand, I find it lovely that the FIFA World Cup anthem is Canadian, and I confess I find it a real toe-tapper and bloody inspiring.

Thanks K'Naan.  If a stadium of 100,000 people starts joining in this song it will be a wonderful sight.
Previous posts I have made suggest I have an artistic equivalence theory - as the old greats die off, new greats appear.  In this case I want nobody thinking I think K'Naan is a Frank Sinatra replacement (hell, even the estimable Michael Buble does a terrible job of it).  I think K'Naan is an estimable substitute for Milli Vanilli - are they still alive?  But no question this song is absolutely perfect for a stadium full of 100,000 people.  I really look forward to it.


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