Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It Was So Fun

That seems to me an apt description of how Maelle Ricker looked winning her snow cross gold yesterday. But one thing this article tells me is that I am old. I pictured all these athletes as toiling in obscurity most of the time, but it seems they were obscure only to me!
And the athletes involved are often as wild off the snow as they are on it.
Unlike figure skaters or lugers, these competitors wouldn't stoop to wear spandex even on Halloween.
The biggest names, like halfpipe sensation Shaun White, are brands unto themselves, earning millions in video game, clothing, and Red Bull contracts by selling teenagers on how to be cool.
They use words like "whack" and have nicknames like "Animal." At official press conferences, they hawk charity items like Sweetcheeks panties.
I was astonished after watching the event and interviews with Ricker to discover she is in her thirties. That sport sure keeps her young!


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