Monday, March 22, 2010

I Named this Blog for a Good Reason

Though after I named it Harper became the PM and the number of incidents dropped significantly. Still, we have our idiocies and they do pop up. And we're in the middle of another appearance of silliness. Kathy Shaidle describes it nicely.
Ann Coulter is visiting Canada and the lefties are freaking!
Yes, you read that correctly: a man whose salary I’m obliged to pay via my extorted tax dollars just hinted, in the nicest possible way of course, that he’d try to have Coulter arrested if she said something he didn’t like.
As my husband quipped: “Maybe it sounded better in the original German…”
It is rather amazing; George Galloway came and the leader of one of our national parties attended, and nobody blinked.
Now I view Ann Coulter as a very good stand-up comedian, and my guess is Mr. Houle (the 'man' Kathy Shaidle refers to) has increased her value here. I doubt that was his goal, and I do worry that such people have significant roles in the administration of our universities, but on the other hand, that is what helps make us so hopelessly silly!


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