Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Credit where Credit is Due

Ezra Levant has his problems, exactly my problems, with Ujal Dosanjih, but on one issue we are impressed by his courage and the basic good sense of his comments. With Toronto's Khalsa day parade coming up this weekend, it is a good point at which to hear him speak up against Sikh extremism, so far the only successful source of a major terrorist incident, not quite in Canada, but of Canada (not that somewhat less competent Muslims have not had ambitions).
...Meanwhile, Mr. Dosanjh blamed what he described as Canada’s polite brand of multiculturalism for giving extremists the space to nurture old grudges brought from their homelands. At the same time, Canada has failed to instill its own values on new immigrants.
“I think what we are doing to this country is that this idea of multiculturalism has been completely distorted, turned on its head to essentially claim that anything anyone believes – no matter how ridiculous and outrageous it might be – is okay and acceptable in the name of diversity.
“Where we have gone wrong in this pursuit of multiculturalism is that there is no adherence to core values, the core Canadian values, which [are]: That you don’t threaten people who differ with you; you don’t go attack them personally; you don’t terrorize the populace.”


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