Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Idiotic Menu Mandate

The Obamacare bill includes a clause requiring that restaurant menus of 'chains' prominently display calorie content of offerings.
What is the likely outcome of this rather brain-dead regulation?
Ed Morrissey tells us here with a simple example, pointing out along the way how dim this new mandate is.

I am not convinced anyone really knows in a reliable way what the calorie content of any foodstuff is - should they not also be posting confidence intervals? Not all tomatoes are the same.
The implementation of the nanny-state impulses of this administration show both its thuggishness and brute stupdity.
The thing is, if I as a customer WANTED this information, I have an easy way to let the restaurant know - explain I have no wish to be their customer without this information; but Pelosi/Reid/Obama know better than you and I as customers, and better than the restaurants.
Dear God please do not let the folly of our southern neighbor bleed across the border.
Oh and unintended consequences - seems likely the pizza guy in this video is going to close 2 outlets, killing off those jobs, because the regulation effectively forces him to by having the mandate kick in at 20 outlets. I bet in five years the number of restaurant chains with 19 outlets is going to be an interesting statistic to look at.
h/t Hot Air


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