Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bryant Case Dismissed

The terminology of the subject line may be bogus but that is the story.
The night of the event it seemed to me most media were ready to dump blame on Bryant; after all the victim was a bicyclist. And I will confess, I had that leaning, though I have NO taste for the quixotic and unpredictable behavior of bicyclists around me as I drive in downtown Toronto, and this is particularly true of those carrying courier packs. They do not behave on their bicycles as I do when I am out bicycling.
What is great is that the prosecution took special care to document what a clown (wrong word, he was more vicious) the victim here was. Bryant clearly deserves a full exoneration, except for the bad decision of driving a convertible.
My guess is we have several days of nonsense ahead as cycling advocates of various forms invent ways to protest - hey, maybe they can integrate with the G8/G20 protests.
We'll outlast it in the end. There are only so many idiots.


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