Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For want of an O

So I read the title of this report slightly wrongly, as 'Cameroon Sorry Over Killings'.
I was a bit baffled - I had not heard about new battles in Cameroon. Well, except for the World Cup.
Of course in the end it was David Cameron's 'Bloody Sunday' apology, and it struck me as extraordinary that a modern society does this; Cameron himself would have been a kid at the time of the event, and this could have been delivered by Thatcher, Major, Blair, or Brown. Cameron did it and he sounded good doing it. We are SO civilized as to apologize for mistakes in warfare.
Meanwhile we in Canada have our truth and reconciliation going on over residential schools. I wonder if anyone has the guts to suggest that the residential schools might have been a better bet for some of the kids than some of the parents. Even today we seem to have problems with kids on reserves. But one can be only so honest.


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