Wednesday, June 09, 2010

UCLA Clear WCWS Champion!

I had to leave the game in the middle of the second inning with UCLA ahead 6-0. It seems after that that both teams more or less tied as it finished 15-9 for the clearly superior UCLA team.
They, especially Megan Langefeld, the clear MVP, were superb.
A nice reflection I noticed during the broadcast were the armbands with John Wooden's initials. Interviews showed that he was still active up to his death in talking to and encouraging UCLA athletes, including many of the women softball players.
I hope I Can find a way to watch this tournament next year as I think we'll see Kenzie Fowler back: as this report reports:
Kenzie Fowler (38-9), who won four straight elimination games over two days to get the Wildcats into the finals, came out after she hit B.B. Bates in the helmet with a pitch to open the second inning. By that point, the freshman had thrown 706 pitches in a week.
Four straight! I saw three of them plus the amazing loss to UCLA. Frosh!

UPDATE: (And fabulous!) Matthew Kahn knows Megan and she wrote his exam during the tournament! 


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