Thursday, July 08, 2010

Coup for the Calgary Stampede?

This news item brought back fond memories of this year's 'The Amazing Race'.
[Cord] McCoy wants to stand on the winner's stage on the Stampede's final day and pose for the cameras with a $100,000 cheque for winning the bull riding competition.
"I've got to say everyone who is entered in the Calgary Stampede can imagine themselves right there on the stage," the 29-year-old bull rider said Thursday.
This side comment brought back one of the funnier memories.
Cord and Jet were known as the "gentleman cowboys" on "The Amazing Race 16" because of their courtesy and teamwork. The brothers from Tupelo, Okla., rarely took off their cowboy hats throughout the race.
Indeed one episode featured a bungee jump during which no cowboy hats left the wearer's head; I don't think this was merely the excellent fit of the hat.
Cord clearly knows the ways of doing good PR!
The 98th Calgary Stampede opens Friday and concludes July 18. Almost 1.2 million people walked through its gates last year. Many attend for the concerts, agricultural fair and midway rides. The heart of the Stampede is the rodeo which draws the best in the sport with a C$2-million prize purse.
"It's so huge in our way of life and our career," McCoy said. "The people that live around Calgary don't even understand how big it is. I live in a little bitty town in southeast Oklahoma, I don't even have a TV and I know everything that happens in Calgary.
"I live a long ways from here, but word travels fast."
Thanks Cord and Jet for the entertainment you gave me.


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