Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quote of the Month

From Johh A. Hall, cited by Tyler Cowen.
Gellner's general view of the world of advanced liberal capitalism is by now familiar: it is a relatively open world in which science prospers, bringing both affluence and diminished moral certainty -- with Danegeld doing a good deal to secure social cohesion.
What a great way to describe all the scoundrelly human rights gorp - Danegeld!


At 3:34 PM, Blogger Claude said...

They ("scoundrelly human rights gorp") are going to get you!

I spent a lifetime pushing people back to work, one at a time, (helping them to upgrade themselves, to learn something, anything.) I believe in emergency help but not in a degrading permanent welfare lifestyle. It destroys a human being.

I might also have stopped some abortions by teaching valid birth control methods to girls AND boys at an early age. It's possible today to be Pro-life AND Pro-choice. No reason for a woman to get pregnant everytime she has sex. And, if it happens, not necessary anymore to kill the unwanted baby. Many infertile couples want them.

Of course, I'm considered cold blooded and anti feminist by groups of do-gooders.

Thanks for the links to great books this small post provides. How can I mind what I have missed so far when suddenly it falls right on my laps? Never too late...


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