Saturday, July 24, 2010

This Way Surely Leads to Madness

July is SO rich in real sports - Wimbledon, the British Open in Golf, the Tour de France, that is sort of makes sense that something totally ridiculous is featured on TSN.
This is a deeply weird version of softball (which is a great sport), a slow-pitch version, that allows a maximum of 10 home runs per team.  So a home run made early, as the second in the first inning for Canada, is a problem.

There is a part of me that loves goofy incentives.  But this goes too far.
An 11-man lineup, and everyone starts with a 1-1 count?!  Why don't they just change the walk and strikeout criteria.  Ahh - to make it easy to match to a REAL sport.
Canada is fucking up big-time - three home runs in the first inning.
This all rather fits the Obama notion of how to achieve things.

UPDATE: This sport is really appealing to me.

UPDATE: Canada wins 30-29 largely because the US hits forbidden home runs in the last inning.  Strange but rather fascinating sport.


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