Monday, August 16, 2010

Chalk One Up for Palin

Yup, the death panels are in place and in action.
FDA says drug is 'safe and effective', but Medicare won't cover it.
A life-saving cancer treatment "may not be reasonable and necessary"? Gee, that kind of decision-making by an unelected federal bureaucracy certainly sounds like a death panel to me.
Say, I thought the President said that pre-existing conditions would always be covered. Isn't cancer a pre-existing condition?
America's seniors are about to find out that having coverage is not the same thing as receiving care. And our seniors are about to pay the piper.
Bingo! And in Canada, our care is 'free' ( :-) ). And guess what - we get what we pay for.
BTW it seems to me that even an elected federal organization with the same poswer would be a death panel.
There is a good analysis of the decision here. Of course, if political outrage reverses this decision, then 'bending the cost curve' is much much harder. What I find sad is the quality of the discourse; to insure everyone and bend the cost curve clearly required something like a death panel. Before it was distributed among insurance companies; now it's the CMS.



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