Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silly Indeed

Yup. Our terrorist plots appear to be related to the rejection of candidates for 'Canadian Idol'! (Though he gives to the judges a somewhat different history from others I have seen for the guy who was arrested.)
An alleged Ottawa terror cell was involved in constructing improvised explosive devices – the kind that are killing and maiming Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, police say.
This being Canada we also have the silliness of the police agreeing to meet and explain themselves to the 'Muslim community' (which surely means the toads who represent themselves as community leaders - if I were a Muslim I would certainly not want to be identified as part of any community led by such people).
[UPDATE: I just saw the CBC interview a young guy identified as a local Islamic leader, and he was perfectly sensible, and I would love to see any people regard him as a leader. It probably did disappoint the CBC, and the interviewer seemed a bit flummoxed.)]
And to add to it, the CBC predictably is trying to find ways to mention the possibility of the impending anti-Muslim backlash, of which there has been NO instance so far in the whole history of the various attempted depredations performed against the West in the name of Islam in recent history.
What a country of dull-witted people.


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