Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amusing Demographics

One great passage from the article on the Rob Ford campaign that resonates.
Ford’s team didn’t adopt just any technology—a Rob Ford iPhone app, for example, was rejected because, in Ciano’s words: “Okay, like, I’m trying to think, who are the iPhone users who would actually support Rob Ford? I think it’s me and Fraser MacDonald.” The Ford team opted instead to concentrate on text messages.
Hmmm. As I said earlier:
I ain't exurban. I ain't angry. I just hopes for a change. So I guess I'm a hillbilly. I know I don't have an iPhone or Blackberry.
Actually I did not even get text messages from them; rather some mechanized telephone calls and some personal telephone calls. Some came after 9 pm and so annoyed me, but not enough to move my vote.


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