Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DWTS - S11E09

I must say, now that The Situation has been voted off the island, and so I can watch the show again, I suspect I amn really going to enjoy the rest of the season. I could not watch it when that clown was on the show (he did not even try, in my view) but he did me the kindness of being evicted just as I returned from Germany.
But what stuns me is how appealing all the remaining 'celebrities' are. And I confess that while I had no idea who 'Brandy' was, she sure has earned my respect (I still know nothing to speak of about her actual career - I take it she is this year's Nicole Scherzinger). Her response to the judge's remarks was so clear and so genuine; she really is there to compete and really wants praise; and she sure delivers to get it.
Obviously Kyle, Florence, and Bristol Palin will have to go over the next few weeks. But each of them brings a lot to the show. Kyle (whoever he is) is just so full of fun, 'sexy senior' Florence so enjoys being mischievous, and Bristol seems a really good-hearted person (which is no surprise to me with her a daughter of Sarah Palin).
Seems to me the showdown will be Jennifer Grey (how could they have canceled "It's Like, You Know"?) and Brandy.
But whatever it gets to, these celebrities and their dancing pro partners are clearly working very hard and enjoying their successes. It really is nice to watch a show so positive (once they get rid of The Situation - never found a reason to like him).


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