Thursday, July 07, 2005

Non-Olympic news in the UK today!

This story from the Times has an interesting sting at the end (unfortunately only in the print version):
HE IS a rottweiler-owning rock singer from Leeds, she is the daughter of the Ukrainian Prime Minister: they seem a mismatched couple whose unlikely romance would succeed only in fiction.

But Sean Carr, a cobbler and key cutter, is to wed Evgenia Tymoshenko, the daughter of the billionaire Ukrainian Prime Minister.

We learn in the article that Ms Tymoshenko saw Mr Carr while both were vacationing in Egypt, got his phone number from a friend of his, and when back in the UK (she is a student at LSE) got his attention via an SMS message.

In a quotation in the print version of the article and not on-line, the prospective mother-in-law discusses her views of her new son-in-law:
"He is an excellent person," she said. "He has a beautiful name. I know he writes music, sings very wonderfully and writes good poetry. He is an artistic person and I like that very much. I like it that he is not a businessman."
Ms Tymoshenko has a wicked sense of humour, or is a loving mother stretching for the positive, or I worry for the Ukraine.

UPDATE: It is worth looking at this post by the Eclectic Econoclast.


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