Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yikes! And I grew up in the British Empire, er Commonwealth

The British influence was very strong still in my Canadian youth. I continue to rejoice at its passing.

I am yet again subjecting myself to the BBC Breakfast broadcasts in my hotel today. A theme today is still Kenya, and the reports seem slanted to the Blair/Bono/Geldof axis view (I am sure there are distinctions among these guys, but the BBC is setting up the BBG axis against the rest of the uncaring G8 as a theme).

In any case, the first eager sentence I heard was that I would soon hear the amazing story of "The princess who went up the tree and came down a queen". My first response was, "Huh? Surely all that has to happen is that the king/queen dies while she is up in the tree." Why the eagerness and excitement?

Shame on me! It is a story about the Windsors. Documented nicely here. No wonder this is so exciting (yawn...). How could I have forgotten this amazing story?


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