Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hail hail Freedonia or maybe Klopstokia

Don't get me wrong - I think it is quite sweet that we have installed a black Haitian sort-of-refugee, who may have been a separatist, and seems likely married to someone who is one, as our Governor-General.
You might ask, if not a citizen of my silly little country, what a Governor-General is? Well it is one of the true points of silliness in this country. This person represents the Queen (of where? well, of Canada, her name is Elizabeth, and she is incidentally the Queen of England, and maybe Scotland, and Wales, etc., here). Now this job is normally pretty much decoration - I think once in our history did a Governor-General make a significant decison and that was before I was born. So if we stay on track this appointment should be perfect, as there is no question she is cute and so is her kid.
Hail hail Freedonia, or Klopstokia.
I am starting to feel better about the name of this blog and our transcendental silliness. But there really is so much competition.


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