Saturday, October 29, 2005

Typical Childish Canadian enthusiasms for oppression

Abiola Lapinte's Foreign Dispatches has become one of my favorite blogs; I look forward to my next trip to London as I would love to meet him.
This post of his filled me with embarrassment - one night on the CBC 'Overnight' show I heard a report on this appalling UNESCO resolution and heard the report say that it had been masterminded by France and Canada. What an ignominious role for my country. The whole thing just sickens me, from my point of view as a basic 18th-century liberal. And someone who despises the notion that collective interests should overrule individual freedoms in areas like this, of taste.
He documents marvellously in the linked post one of many reasons why we as individuals should not accept the likely constraints prescribed by this nonsensical UNESCO policy. I am not sure I can find a better argument. :-)


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