Friday, November 18, 2005

Found Voices

My previous post talks about a CBC show - I found listening to the full audiocast of the show I referred to was yet another experience in losing sight of the voices of the soldiers; not of the anti-war soldiers they chose to interview, who are politically engaged, and who get meaning out of their activities there. But the other reporting, referring to masses of disaffected soldiers, feels like caricature (and they play on the riff of the Vietnam Vets - hence turning to Ron Kovic, who appeared to know nothing about the current situations - in order to suggest this story). Again it is as if the voice of soldiers who do not play the game that fits the predetermined narrative is simply neglected (or even worse, twisted, as in the earlier case I posted on).

One of the delights of the world of blogs has been the opportunity for voices not fitting the few narratives the 'press' respects to be heard.

Michael Yon has been providing one form of this in his work with Deuce-Four for a long time now, and I have found his reports well-written, beautifully photographed, and extremely moving. His latest, on the ball that Deuce-Four held recently on return to the US, was a lovely culmination of his series. I suspect even someone not having followed his earlier reports, and not knowing the names and stories of so many of the participants, would find this report moving. But I recommend that before reading "The Punisher's Ball", should you choose to follow the link, that you set aside some time to read first some of the dispatches from Mosul. Of course all the found voices here are implicit. They are no less effective for that.

UPDATE: I loved 'Moonlighting' and liked all the 'Die Hard' movies. The story I link to makes that seem just fine.


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