Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Our PM will stand up for Canadian Values

Our Prime Minister (PM) as part of his electioneering, decided to miss no opportunities to claim to lecture the US, and used the climate conference in Montreal to make an ostentatious and absurd appeal to the US to agree to binding targets. Of course the interesting thing is that Canada, like many other Kyoto signatories, speaks loudly and carries no stick at all. Whatever we have agreed to, no progress is even approaching.

Many reports, even on our media, show that Canada's emissions have increased far more rapidly since the Kyoto conference, than those in the US. Chalk one up for Canadian values.

The other issue we like to posture on is softwood lumber. Here I think the American complaint is utterly correct - the 'arrangements' we have regarding costing of lumbering acreage obscures costs horridly. On the other hand, I do think it would be better if the US appeared to take more seriously the various NAFTA arrangement we have in place.

In any case what are the values Martin says he will defend? I guess those of posturing and legalism before substance. Sounds about right. Those are our Canadian values today. Shame.


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