Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Last Thought the Night of the Election

He says now he will step aside as leader before any election. My guess he is not an egomaniac at the level of Trudeau who came back after retirement. So there will be a leadership struggle and it will be fascinating. Michael Ignatieff has won his seat, Belinda Stronach hers, and of course we have several others lurking around the world in various appointed positions. So much depends on one man, Stephen Harper, and whether he can leave open a major gap in the centre for the Liberals to unite and take their standard place there.

"He was elegant; he was graceful." (Craig Oliver of CTV). Sheila (Martin's wife) smiled. I wish them many years of enjoyment of any other sort of life!

We have so much fun ahead on the political front.

Thank you thank you thank you CTV for being able to let me be involved. Sure wish the highly subsidized CBC knew how to do what you guys are doing so stunningly.


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