Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Paul Martin's Farewell?

Sad to listen to this as I do not see how he can recover.
Heaven knows I had hopes for him once.
And he may fool us - as I said earlier, Harper seemed to have a hopeless case even a year ago.
And yet. And yet. Martin sounds so much happier and at ease than he has through the whole campaign. My guess - he plans to sit in opposition for a bit. He still splatters on about the bullshit of his policies and campaigns.
My guess is his wife is very happy. The way he is talking, he is heading elsewhere.
Interesting task for the Liberals to find the successor.
Martin now admits this is a concession. This is right. It will be very complicated. We need it.
I think the campaign was run very cleanly and well by everyone but Martin, and I do not think he will be back next time.


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