Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cartoon Fatigue

Unless something interesting happens beyond the infantile destruction being carried out (likely with state connivance) I've had enough of this subject.
In many of the debates I have seen on the topic one exceptionally stupid assertion is frequently made (either disingenuously or ignorantly) - that appeals to free speech are all very well, but it is used in the West only against Muslims - Damian Penny demolishes it in this welcome post. The comments thread is interesting as well.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger Martin said...

What irritates me about this "story" and your perpetuation of it is that it plays into the hand of those who claim that the primary issues are religious; they arent. In Gaza and the West Bank it is an occupation/apartheid system they struggle with; in Saudi Arabia/Egypt it is a tryannical US backed regime. These are political issues and they need political solutions. THe same misconception was pushed in Northern Ireland until at last it was treated as a political issue and this disarmed the terrorists.

Bin Laden's analysis (from the missive Ive read) is on the money---it is a political situation he is fighting: the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the US occupation of Saudi Arabia and the US war on the people of Iraq adn Afghanistan. We will disarm him and others like him only by confronting the problem.


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