Sunday, April 02, 2006

Is There More than One Episode of CSI:NY?

I have been trying work on the what are the themes of the three CSI series.

Straight CSI seems mostly about bureaucracy - management, performance evaluation, disgruntled employees. At least that is what makes it fun. The other stuff, the gore, the pseudo-science, all seems gratuitous. But the personnel stuff can fill an hour every week.

CSI: Miami is all about (and I have watched many episodes) Caine's sunglasses, and where he places his hands on his hips at the end of each episode. But the 'lab' stuff is all the same ridiculpous stuff as in CSI, with an arguably cuter analyst.

But what is CSI:NY? I just tried watching it for the fourth time. It was the SAME episode as each previous time. Now we should be careful here - that episode (from my previous three tries) had some great things. Penelope Ann Miller's breasts. But I now know as well they appear only in the first ten minutes and last five minutes of the episode. So I can miss the intervening ketchup ads, no matter h0w impressive Gary Sinise is. This cannot be good for the show.

Do they plan to make a second episode? That would at least keep the tension up a bit. More body parts are required!


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