Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Les Jeux sont Faits

I now have airline tickets taking me to Charles de Gaulle airport May 29, and a centre court ticket for Roland Garros on May 31. There are a number of risks in this. But I bet it all works out, and France justifies my faith yet again.

My travel agent was honest enough to supply their travel advisory:


5/4 - 5/4 Student protests continue in France. Details

4/4 - 4/4 Nationwide, transportation strikes are occurring in 32 other cities, including Toulouse and Marseille.

4/4 - 4/4 Delays and cancellations to domestic and European flights are occurring due to a strike by air traffic controllers, and Ryanair has canceled all of its flights into and out of the country.

4/4 - 5/4 French air traffic control staff also plan to take industrial action, this will be ongoing until the morning of April 5. Details

4/4 - 4/4 A runway demonstration by protesting French students has prevented a a flight from returning to Britain. Details

Decidedly not comforting!


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