Friday, July 28, 2006

News about Landis

I keep hearing confident reports on the question of Floyd Landis' 'non-negative' test, which showed anomalous testosterone to epitetosterone ratios. This is what I think I know about the situation.
This is decidedly not what most of the news reports I hear say.
I was confident when this news item first broke that my regular blog sources would be able to give me some useful perspective, and The Amateur has come through. He apologizes for long-windedness, but that very long-windedness allows him to be accurate. Follow his link (or mine) as well to The Boulder Report.
It will be curious to see how this comes out.
And it turns out to be yet another sporting story where, in my opinion, like The Amateur's, Dick Pound appears to want to get press time by leaping prematurely into a story. He certainly does nothing to increase my pride in being a Canadian.


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