Monday, August 21, 2006

They Sounded like Dupes

I heard them on the radio this morning and it seemed clear to me where this was coming from.

Steve 'Angry' Janke says it much better then I.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Martin said...

These MPs were probably used as political tools but lets not forget that Amnesty International did investigate and found strong evidence of war crimes. So this ANgry fellow is avoiding the point.

Israel committed an egregious act in it disproportionate response to Hamas' capture (not "kidnapping", but capture) of an Israeli soldier. They bombed civilian targets like water treatemnt plants, bridges and airports. Can anyone see this as a reasonable response to having one of your soldiers captured? These were not accidental either---they were designed to hit the civilian population.

Then Israel committed more extensive atrocities in response to the capture of two of their soldiers caught while invading southern Lebanon. Again there appears to be little evidence of focussing on military targets. Instead Israelis punish the civilians for this. Cluster bombs are not a resonable response; they are designed to destroy or damage everything or everyone in an area---not to "take out" insurgents. The Israeli claims are simply not credible.

They bombed the UN observation post (clearly marked and well known to them) before killing a number of people and being forced to stop.

As for Qana...Does the author think the children died of natural causes? He blames the victimes: why were they in the buildings to begin with. Perhaps he should try moving in a war zone.

Thank God we have some politicians willing to let people around the world know that not all Canadians have bought into the US/Israeli assault on freedom in the Middle East.


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