Sunday, August 13, 2006

Free to Choose : Another Reason to Love the Internet

What wonderful television is now available to us from the past. Via Greg Mankiw's blog , this utterly enjoyable show featuring Milton Firedman (and the likes of Michael Harrington and others). The link is here.
I did not see this when it was originally shown, and wonder what I would have thought then. Today, knowing how profoundly right Friedman is about the tremendous value of business enterprises truly under competitive presssure, I find the first episode an utterly fascinating discussion. Friedman's perspective is delightfully broad, and he makes Harrington look very shallow indeed. And I love his contrarianism!

UPDATE: Wow! This is superb television. Where was I back then? And oh, does Michael Harrington look a terrible fool in the engagements. (Sad, I read him once with great reverence.) You can see the public choice notion arising nicely in the discussions too, which makes the political guys in the discussion very uncomfortable, as they should.

UPDATE: Episode 2 features Donald Rumsfeld in a previous life!


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