Saturday, September 09, 2006

Resolutions Passed Unanimously

Of course the 'diversity' resolution (at the NDP convention) was empty enough to be without much content; it asked for an improvement to the system of security certificates, and against racial profiling. Amusingly, someone (Libby Davies, I believe) even argued that 'racial profiling' was bad for all of us; well, I am honest enough to say that when applied at airport security it is certainly a benefit to me; recent history does not suggest that a late-50's geek is a likely candidate to be a problem, so racial profiling should make my passage through investigation a lot simpler. I am not sure what Libby Davies could mean. And personally, I want the security guys doing whatever is most efficent and most effective.
In any case, the point is that this sort-of-resolution passed unanimously. What should we make of that.
I like Chris Dillow's take on this. It should be alarming.
Now, the Liberal party has an entertaining campaign going on, and there is no way this one is going to produce unanimously passed resolutions. This is one reason I can at least manage voting for them again.
The story of Paul Summerville shows what happens in the NDP on this front. Real diversity is not welcome.


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