Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What Does your Cat Watch?

My cat has some significant veterinary needs, taken care of by a veterinary assistant who comes in at least daily, and twice a day when I am away.
Worse for the cat, some of his misbehaviours have caused me to ban him to the basement and be locked up there when there is nobody to supervise him - so his freedoms have been terribly curtailed.
After a two-day absence last weekend I returned home and was surprised to find the TV in the basement on. Could I have forgotten it when I left?
Later I talked to my cat's nanny - it turns out he (the cat) had been very upset at my long absence, so visibly annoyed that she left the Discovery Channel on for him.
I turned it off before I noticed, but I hope she had tuned it to the HDTV Discovery Channel.
Some animals are really spoiled.


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