Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Agenda - Take Two

I chose a second episode of Steve Paikin's 'The Agenda' over the first part of tonight's Yankees game. This started with a wonderful probing of Eddie Goldenberg, at the centre of the great Chretien-Martin split.
And then followed an excellent panel discussion involving Goldenberg, Sean Conway, Gerry Caplan, John Capobianco, and some guy named Duff Conacher, who proclaimed himself the guardian of true democracy. I rather agree with the non-Conacher folk that this Liberal leadership campaign is something we should feel good about here.
To be fair to Conacher, he was just pointing out that we do not have a perfect democracy. But he seemed to think that was a point of major interest.
The overall discussion was superb - it may be the case that I can live without Studio 2 now. At least if this is its replacement, as it is.


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