Monday, March 05, 2007

Alfred Hitchcock, Lighting, and '24'

I have a good friend who shares his season '24' DVD sets with me. I find them really frustrating to watch. Largely it is the lighting - it is a series set up to be watched in a dark room. Very frustrating. Though one aspect of such a show is that it really does not matter if you watch - obviously, if that is how they choose to light it, with everything dark, then there is not really a lot to see. And that is true.
In the midst of trying to watch this show yesterday, I stumbled into Turner Classic Movies new presence on Rogers Cablevision, showing Alfred Hitchcock's wonderful Agatha Christie story 'Witness for the Prosecution'.
Guess what! None of this stupid dark lighting. In fact wonderfully clear black and white scenes! Moreover, an actual plot! And great acting, even from Dietrich.
What idiot decided we now need to be unable to see what is happening on screen? I love '24' but I hate what is wrong with it. And the lighting is really crappy.
Mind you, Jack Bauer rocks!


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