Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Refreshing Look at Possible Futures

There is staggering hand-wringing in the Canadian Press regarding the outcomes for the Inuit from global warming - they might have to give up their subsistence lifestyles! How awful!

Gregg Easterbrook sees it a little differently, and it is worth a read:

I would love to be the guy with the Nunavut promotion account twenty years from now because I’m going to rechristen the place “the gateway to the hemispheres” and invite celebrities, and cruise ships will be stopping by, and the sign on the dock will say, “Welcome to Nunavut, Gateway to the Hemispheres!” We’ll see all kinds of wild economic activity up there. There will be change, yes. The traditional way of life will fade and be replaced with something else, maybe something zany, but change seems an inevitability of human experience.

Along the way in the interview, there seem to me to be some basic good sense and some approaches to dealing with the issues.



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