Friday, June 15, 2007

Street View and Privacy - a Sweet Perspective

A few years ago it was inconceivable to me I would put my picture or hints of my address up on the Web; this would simply invite criminal intrusion into my life and a violation of privacy. It is interesting to see the goalposts shift.
One of my sisters has now persuaded me to sign up on Facebook. My guess is this will have interesting networking effects over several months, that may link with blogging.
Google's Street View has created many new concerns, but I have been leading here to Stephen Dubner's lovely post on the other side of these privacy concerns. Of course this is not Street View, and the issues are different, but I found his story utterly charming.
I'd also suggest looking at Comment 10. I too grew up in a very small town, and this may make me less concerned about the degrees of anonymity one can feel one has in a large city. A little 'Our Town', not far from my mind these days.


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