Friday, July 20, 2007

The Other Side of Knut's Story

This was a sweet post.

But there was a controversy about the dealings with Knut, and shortly after I got to Austria, Knut was weaned off his keeper, as a creature too large and dangerous to be trusted with the loving relationship the two of them had. This was featured all over German television.

And now the question is what happens to Knut (an issue raised by many apparently heartless observers long ago).

My Google News searches show nothing since that day. I do put myself in the brain of that bear, wondering why his friends have cut him, and why he has been abandoned.

But maybe it is not quite so simple.

Mr Doerflein will remain on hand for Knut even if their play sessions have been called off.

“This doesn’t mean that I will never play with Knut again - it just means there are no fixed times anymore,” he said. “I am always there for him. Knut is still a child. He needs me.”

Mr Doerflein added that he feels "burnt out" after months of frolicking with Knut and has not always enjoyed being a celebrity in his own right.

"That is the worst thing. People want autographs, to touch me," he said. "When I am with my girlfriend, they want to buy me a drink. When I say ’no,’ they get aggressive."

Knut's keeper already has to worry about problems with humans! I hope he and Knut can stay friends!


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