Wednesday, July 18, 2007

'Stolen' Elections

One of Avi Lewis' knee-jerk leftist postures in the discussion with Ayaan Hirsi Ali was his assertion of the notion of the idea that the US is not a democracy because the election of 2000 was 'stolen'. Follow the links in my previous post to Dennis Prager's response, which is good. I think of it slightly differently, though his points were excellent.

The most important thing to characterize a democracy is that there is an orderly process to change governments, without calling the army into the streets, as is routine in almost any country whose government is approved by the Lewises of the world. The 2000 election proved in spades that the US does this superbly. The electoral system is a little counter-intuitive, but it defines processes, and they were followed.

Avi Lewis' problem is that the processes do not produce the results he wants. His desires should in no way contribute to our notion of what a democratic outcome is.


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