Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Soulpepper's "Top Girls"

Having seen Canadian Stage's "A Number" some time ago, I was very excited when Soulpepper announced a production of "Top Girls".
It was all I expected - cracker-jack writing, and what performances! We are so very lucky to have the acting talent we have in Toronto. (It is not just luck - lots of people who have no interest in theatre are paying taxes that help keep this stable available locally.)
This play was a great vehicle for that very physical actress, Liisa Repo-Martell. The first time I noticed her, she was playing a dog, and she was magnificent in the role.
Her Angie was delightfully done, and she gets the last lines in the play, very telling and touching. Her Gret in the first act has few lines but had the audience around me laughing merrily. The second act starts with some wonderful interaction between her and Cara Pifko; it made my seat in the front row in the middle of the theatre a complete treat.
Megan Follows was as delightful as ever, and Kelli Fox was just magnificent as the sister of the Follows character.
The play begins entertainingly with a dinner celebrating the promotion of Marlene, the Follows character. The dinner is attended by famous dead women, and is a minor tour de force. Ann-Marie MacDonald is clearly having great fun as Pope Joan, and Robyn Stevan is uncanny as Lady Nijo.
I do not want to give too much more away, as I intend to see it again, with the SillyWife. Perhaps I can say more when that happens! (Hmm, three times to 'Our Town', now planning two seeings of this - how many times will I need to see the remaining productions of the year, "Three Sisters" - YAY, more Chekhov - and "Blithe Spirit" - Yay, Coward!?)


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