Friday, August 24, 2007

Fixing My Sidebar

I have been very poor at sidebar maintenance and it is a post by Glen Whitman that has inspired me to start working on it again.

I do not rely on MP3 players but do worry that I am not in touch with new music. I was as a result pleased to connect to Juli some time ago (must get them on the sidebar), by the pure accident of being on a German campus one day they would be performing.

What also amused me is Glen's mentioning Grey's Anatomy, which I never watch, except for one funny moment some time ago as Anna Nalik was featured on the soundtrack. Now she is the sidebar update that will happen shortly - the song that was featured on Grey's Anatomy was brilliant, but I do not have the same reaction to the rest of the CD it was found on.

One nice thing about reading a lot of blogs is finding a lot of enthusiasms!


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