Monday, August 06, 2007

Help! I Need a Portal!

The responses of the Rogers/Yahoo guys on their support line to the concerns I expressed amounted roughly to, "Yes we confirm we are stripping all your work away and you had better start sorting your new world out; mind you we are game to help". The latter part is nice but the clear unwillingness in the first part shows indifference to concerns about time inconsistency and has induced me to try to find any other main portal, anywhere, in almost any language I can read.

I am playing with I love its openness but the fact that Goggle originally had no major interest in creating a nice portal for people shows through violently. And this causes me to think they have a problem respecting time consistency. They will likely need serious upgrades and these tend to be destructive.

So what should I do? What do you use? I want to pop up a home page that shows me the weather forecasts in places I care about, the fate of the stock exchanges, top news in areas I care about, and that is about it. I had it beautifully tuned on My Yahoo, and then the arrogant clowns decided to destroy it.

Does Excite still exist? What does?


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