Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh Dear

A very silly (and not very brave) person sent me this link

I do not think the article is worth much but I feel I must comment on it.

One quote:
Another lurker at the threshold is Charles Johnson of the major right-blog Little Green Footballs, whose mission is to search the world press every day for stories of Muslims doing or saying something angry or threatening, in order further to prove that Muslims need to be wiped from the earth before they destroy Western Civilization.
This is such a manifest lie that it is hard to know where to start. Charles Johnson has no problem with Muslims, but is no fan of Islamists, and he does not like liars (he is primarily responsible for exposing Dan Rather's lie about the George Bush "documents").

I also liked the stupidity of this link:
Gates of Vienna, a newly-influential and thoroughly wacky site run by a character called Baron Bodissey, who proclaims a 'long war' between civilization and Islam that's been going on since the Crusades'.
Actually that long war started more like in 600-700 AD. It was not the Christians who started it! (And I am an atheist!) The people who run this blog stick pretty close to facts, unlike those who choose to tar them.


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