Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ashbridge's Bay - theyyyy'rrrrre baccckkkkk

My morning jog yesterday at the waterfront was brutally interrupted by the fate of one of my favourite trees, situated at a key turn on the route.

I recall being charmed by evidence of beavers there a few years ago, including seeing one a couple of times. But this depredation on one of my favourite trees has shaken me up - and, yes, that is crime scene tape, suitably; in fact, as the picture above was taken, the city parks team had their wood chipper ready nearby.

Over the last couple of days I have chatted with several of the dog walkers who are veterans on my running and walking trail.

One of them told me of a friend who made the mistake of being in the water too close to a beaver down there, and required 17 stitches.

All the dog owners reported of knowing friends whose dogs made the mistake of frolicking in the water (something dogs down there love!) only to be attacked and bitten by beavers.

After I noticed what had happened to that tree, I noted several other trees recently handled (or toothed? - see below), and I noticed that the local beaver lodge, inactive for a few seasons, was being rebuilt.

Little devils!



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