Thursday, October 11, 2007

Now This IS a Resource - Pia Haraldsen

First my sister finds some poor soul in the US named Oddo overwhelmed by the cruel Norwegian wit (that may be an overstatement) of Pia Haraldsen. Go check it out on her blog.

Next, Allahpundit points to her interview with some poor German guy in some way responsible for Knut, the Polar Bear in a German zoo rejected by its mother and brought up by a human keeper - this was controversial, as many 'experts' suggested that Knut simply be killed. I was in Austria when Knut was officially weaned from his human keeper, and neither was taking it well. I do not know where things stand now, but the sensitivity of the German is far greater than that of Oddo. (It is hilarious watching him break into German from his terrible English - "That is crazy, now I am angry, we are breaking this off,...!!" She pitches the opposite of the change-up, as he expects a softball, and she tosses him not so much a fastball as a pitch he just does not get.)

The sad thing about her career is that the string will likely run out as more people hear about her.

As my sister said, the humour is somewhat Norwegian, and I understand it, but I also understand that it really is not that funny. Though way deep down, there is a sort of point in the Knut interview.



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