Monday, November 26, 2007

Ashbridge's Bay, Nov. 26, 2007, Part 1

I finally made my way back this morning to Ashbridge's Bay Park and did my usual walk after some absence - much has changed and I have a few posts to mark some of it.

The first landmark I noticed was the beaver lodge, not merely in place,


but extended by some construction materials ready to be integrated into the edifice:

Later in the walk I turn a corner, and a tree that had been upright only a few weeks ago appears, in this form!

And then I passed by the scene I have posted about earlier with the crime scene tape:

There are areas of the park where all the reasonably sized trees are now surrounded by wire mesh to prevent this destruction; far from those areas the little devils have found opportunity - the tree below is the largest I have yet seen attacked - the trunk is easily a foot and a half in diameter and the tree 20-30 feet tall - it is not long for this world:



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