Monday, December 10, 2007

Utterly Joyful

Go soak up the first video here! Just a delight.

(And besides, it is worth reading what else David Thompson has to say - in particular if you follow his link on the word triumph (there ironically - he believes, I suspect, like me that the Turner prize has lost any credibility), I think these words are very compelling):

That a posture so inexcusably selective, deluded and drearily commonplace should be deemed admirable by Wallinger is almost funny. That Wallinger’s copy of it should in turn be hailed by the art establishment as “bold”, “visceral” and “intense” is practically tragicomic.

Yes - "selective, deluded and drearily commonplace" - and the "commonplace" is surely the saddest thing. How can people be such fools?

UPDATE: See 'the making of' video as well on that site. I would never have guessed that how they did it is how they did it. We humans seem to thrive on large projects and are pretty good at it. It is one of the privileges of my career choices to have been part of several of them, perhaps a bit less complicated than the one in the video.


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