Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Point to Reuters

Their initial report on the death of Philip Agee gets a deeply needed update.

Oliver Kamm has more.

This story is a completely typical one coming out of the '60s; Agee was lionized as a revealer of truth when he was in the pocket of people who would have been happy to kill even us youthful fools who took his nonsense seriously.

The problem has not gone away.

I think I have slowly come to learn about how stupid my infatuations of the time were; the opening of the files in the Communist countries pre-1990 has stripped away pretty much all the romantic pretense. The old 'liberals' (I mean it in the John Stuart Mill sense, the only one that matters) were right.

What shocks me is how many people seem to remain so attached to utterly foul creatures like Agee as a supposed source of information.

Reuters has achieved what so many of those of us who liked to be classified on 'the left' have not. Reconciliation with some truth.


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