Monday, February 11, 2008

Abiola Lapite Gives me a Large Giggle

The interviewer here is expecting to back this lad into a corner, but he (the lad) keeps proving he is a lot smarter than the reporter. It is a scream to watch and Lapite's characterization of the interview is spot on.

This interviewer no doubt had the same images at the back of his mind when he approached the young Obama supporter, expecting to quickly reveal a shallow young ignoramus caught up in a mere intoxication with empty rhetoric; I'm sure it would have been even better for his purposes if the young man could have been goaded into transforming into the equally ignorant, aggressively militant, hypersensitive "Angry Black Man"™ who is the staple of "reality tv" [sic] and the stuff of American nightmares.

The finish of the interview turned my constant rolling giggle into a belly laugh.


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