Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama's 'Race' Speech

I have struggled with this in some posts - eloquent and empty, it seemed to me, like many of his speeches. But that is inadequate.

Roger Simon reacted more emotionally. (And if you look at the history of the civil rights movement, his emotional engagement is very important.)

For me, it is a couple of comments to his post that capture what I think/feel about this.

dougf gets the point. For me this is not a large issue about race - it is about the support of a nutball.

And no surprise to me, Michael Totten hits the exact point:

Barack Obama gave a good speech, and I think he means well, but he should have chosen a pastor in the mold of Martin Luther King, Jr. It's real simple, and nothing he can say will ever change that.

Had I a vote, what would I do among the three remaining candidates? Wow - a tough call, and I do not know yet. All are promoting idiotic economic policies, so it is likely foreign policy is the main concern. At the moment (and this will change) I am starting to lean to Hillary. Oh dear.

Also a tone-deaf moment in the speech - 'typical white' - hmm.


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