Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Miller and his council cronies strike

With the usual intelligence and effectiveness.

City council has approved new controls that will require two gun clubs to move from city property.

Mayor David Miller was behind the new rules, which will demand the relocation of a club at Union Station and another at a Scarborough community centre.

The city does not have the authority to close private gun clubs or gun shops, and Coun. John Parker said the new regulations are nothing more than what he calls "feel good legislation."

This bit of Millerbabble may be technically true:

Miller said the new rules will eventually reduce the number of guns in the city, and he wants to demonstrate that Toronto is doing everything it can to eliminate guns.

Of course the only reduction is possibly in the number of legally held guns, used by a variety of perfectly legitimate gun enthusiasts. These are NOT the problem in this city.

Miller has previously blamed the US for allowing people to smuggle guns into Canada, blithely ignoring who is responsible for controlling what enters Canada. I used to think he was slick like Clinton; now I am beginning to believe he is simply stupid.

Let me simply pull from the comments - this is so obviously brain-dead that only his Millerdom could have led the way to it.

From civicboy:

these rules will hurt recreational shooters, olympic athletes, and cadets the most. It will certainly not stop some gang banger from using the illegal gun they sneaked across the American border. I'm sure this same gang banger doesn't regularly practice at the local club...simply because gun club members are required to show they have the proper documentation when shooting at a club.

Or perhaps he has a deeper plan, as comments stephen034:

Thank god! Everyone knows that after the young punks out there do their drive-bys, hold-ups, etc., they like nothing more to head off to a gun club and shoot a few targets. But now that the media-minded Miller has moved two gun clubs from city property, these criminals will have nowhere to go after they commit their crimes and maybe they will move out of Toronto in frustration.

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